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Nigel Wood


Sheet Music

PDF E-Edition:









“Rotunda” was amongst the composer’s earlier works and written specifically for Saxtet when it was a quartet. When a fifth player joined the group, an extra tenor part was added – much to the relief of the existing tenor player. “Rotunda” can be performed as a quartet or quintet.

It was inspired by a rather uninspiring building in the centre of Birmingham (UK). This cylindrical landmark was a legacy of the 60’s concrete jungle, much maligned – as was the infamous Bullring. The composition is an attempt to convey its form in musical terms. Its melancholic character reflects the fact that at that time, it was condemned to demolition. This lament for the Rotunda was premature as it still stands to this day.

The E-Edition PDF bundle comes with the following parts:

Standard parts
Soprano Saxophone
Alto Saxophone 1
Tenor Saxophone 1
Baritone Saxophone

Alternative & optional parts
Alto Saxophone 2 (optional and alternative to Tenor Saxophone 2)
Tenor Saxophone 2 (optional and alternative to Alto Saxophone 2)

“Rotunda” is also available in hard-copy from June Emerson Wind Music.


One Sunday morning, I had my older brother listen to this song. In the same room, was my 5 year old brother. My older brother said he really like this song. And, my 5 year old brother said this song was really cool, and he started dancing. I really liked this song. And, it fully deserves it’s place in the “Top 10” list. Great Job!
Marissa Andronicos, Sibelius Music reviewer

tom.saxtet – January 14, 2023

This is a smart, witty and enjoyable work. The attention to detail in the part-writing is immaculate, and the composer obviously knows (a) how to write absorbing music for a quintet and (b) the capabilities of the instruments. I’m not that familiar with writing myself, so I assume the paucity of rests is okay. I really enjoyed listening to Rotunda and I hope it makes you pots of money! It also looks as if it should be as much fun to play as it was to hear. Splendid!
Robin Kearsley Bullen, Sibelius Music reviewer

tom.saxtet – January 14, 2023

Rotunda by Nigel Wood demands each player to be sensitive to the other lines while still keeping their own (parts) individually exciting.
Clarinet and Saxophone magazine, Spring 1995

tom.saxtet – January 14, 2023

Blimey! I thought long and hard about how to go about reviewing this piece. I ended with one word. GORGEOUS! As part of a family with two saxophone players, this was of great interest to me as I try to explore how to write better music for each sax. This is a remarkable achievement. Bravo!
Nathan Hamer,

tom.saxtet – January 14, 2023

Rotunda was Saxtet’s protest song that single-handedly saved one of Birmingham’s most famous landmarks… Ok, maybe in my dreams but this is an absolute gem of the quartet repertoire. It’s original, demanding ensemble wise and a joy to listen to when played well. The opening is perfection in its simplicity and leads to a lovely soprano tune which sends shivers up my spine. It is a kaleidoscopic work which celebrates the phrase ‘less is more’, in other words despite its technical challenges the hard thing with Rotunda is making it sound easy and never sounding flash. Rotunda shows Nigel Wood to be an original and talented composer. His music always surprises me in that it is influenced by so many styles. This is a reflection of his open-mindedness musically and once again proves that saxophone players should listen to all styles of music. It is beautifully written and I’m sure will become one of the standards of the quartet repertoire.
Gerard McChrystal – Clarinet & Saxophone Magazine, Summer 2006

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