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The National Saxophone Choir of Great Britain.  

Established in 2002 by based in Birmingham by Nigel Wood and Gemma Harvey.  The National Saxophone Choir was a pioneering ensemble of twenty talented musicians from all over the UK.  Their aim was to create and promote new music, introducing new audiences to a sound that is rich, resonant and awesome.


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The saxophones in order of pitch from high to low:










Add your name 

If you have played with the NSC (or NSE) at any time and would like to be included in this alumni list, you can enter your details below.

Please allow up to 14 days.
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details will not be used for any other purpose.

If you want your name removed or info amended,
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Saxophone(s) you played in the choir:


The line-up varied over time - here is a list of members - please add your name if you wish to be included: 

Jen Ashley  

Victoria Benjamin

Michael Brogan

Tom Bruton

Alison Bryant

Catherine Evison

Anna Hamilton

Chris Jolly 

Dom Lawson

Sally MacTaggart 

Fraiser Patterson

Emily Preston

Debbie Sargent

Claire Tomsett

Guest Conductors, Tutors, Mentors & Soloists

Here is a list of some of our guests over the years - please add your name if you wish to be included: 

Keiron Anderson  

Keith Allen

John Danworth

Chris Gumbley

John Harle

Richard Ingham

Gerard McChrystal

Alistair Parnell

Andy Scott 

Simon Stewart

Andy Tweed

Dan Watson

Robert Winston

Boudewijn Zwart 

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Video Playlist


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