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Three Contemporary Duets

Nigel Wood


Sheet Music

PDF E-Edition:





Two equal clarinets




Three duets in contrasting idioms and moods, suitable for accomplished players. Ideal for study purposes or concert pieces.

The PDF E-Edition contains a score for two equal clarinets.


A duet with swagger and hypnotic rhythmic ostinato.
Expressive and lyrical duet in a classical style.
Virtual Velocity
Minimalism meets moto perpetuo!
“Three Contemporary Duets” is also available in hard-copy from June Emerson Wind Music.


Each of Nigel Wood’s duets stand alone as a complete piece or all three could be played as a suite as they contrast very well. They are great fun to play. Swanky is marked ‘with attitude’ and uses a one bar syncopated figure nearly all the way through. Elegy is in the style if a two-part invention and in the middle section the counterpoint is replaced by one clarinet accompanying with rhythm on a repeated note. Virtual Velocity sets out to create perpetuum mobile with two very busy parts and frequent semitone clashes.
CASS Magazine, Spring 2001

Three really cool duets for advanced clarinettists: Swanky – a jazzy number making very effective use of the contrast between higher and lower registers between the two players; Elegy – softer, more reflective (but nonetheless active!); and Virtual Velocity – an even more active and exuberant finale. Challenging music that is fun to play and makes very enjoyable listening too! (Grade 8+) (Also available for saxophone duet AA or AT).
Music News, Wood Wind & Reed, May 2002

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