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Jolly Blue

Nigel Wood


Sheet Music

PDF E-Edition:





Solo Sax




Jolly Blue is an unaccompanied piece commissioned by Chris Jolly for tenor saxophone in 2021. I wrote it during lockdown at a time when gloom was beginning to give way to cautious optimism, hence the subtitle 'The end of lockdown is nigh….' Although circular breathing is a feature and preferable, it can also be played with regular breaths. This commission is part of a collaborative project between Chris and other composers. In his words: "My latest solo project is my biggest yet. I have commissioned composers that have had a huge influence on my career to date and shaped me into the musician I am. I am delighted to be working with Nigel Wood, Richard Ingham, Charlotte Harding and Paul Harris on this project who are all writing new solo tenor music for me to record and release on an album in early 2022”. Chris's album OVERFLOW has now been released.


From the Album 'Overflow' ...The other unaccompanied work comes from Nigel Wood, whose ‘Jolly Blue’, a continuously flowing, arpeggiated piece sounding at times
like Philip Glass (albeit with an unexpectedly comedic ending!) is also expertly performed by Chris Jolly who demonstrates admirable command of the full range of the instrument. Clarinet & Saxophone, Winter 2022

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