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The Orphan’s Song

Nigel Wood ed. Gordon Lewin


Sheet Music

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Eb Sax & Piano




The Light Touch. Book 1Standard: Easy to Intermediate
Graded pieces for Alto Saxophone and Piano. CONTENTS
BALOGH, József: Palotás and Friss
LAMONT, Duncan: Blues for Hank
PARKER, Jim: Mam’selle à l’anche
RODGERS, Sarah: Surfing
WOOD, Nigel: The Orphan’s Song When Stainer & Bell asked me to edit two new albums of saxophone music I was particularly happy to do so as all the contributors were known personally to me. They have each brought an individual approach to the genre which we know loosely as light music.
To define light music is difficult, on account of its breadth of idiom. It can span the realms of operetta, through salon music of the palm court era, with a nod at what were once known as novelty pieces, and on to near-jazz. In other words, the description of the idiom often lies more with the listener’s perception than with the performer’s attributes.
These two albums for the saxophone exploit the past in a contemporary manner alongside the music of today. In terms of style, the contents fall into the fascinating area between classical and jazz – definitions, however, seem unnecessary, for the music can speak eloquently for itself, moving from the post-flapper era of the Twenties in Jim Parker’s pieces, to the ethnic strains of Jόzsef Balogh’s Hungarian gipsy music, based on traditional folk tunes. Sarah Rodger’s pieces, reflecting the virtual reality of contemporary life, contrast with saxophonist Nigel Wood’s plaintive themes and Duncan Lamont’s approachable jazz.
Here you will find light music of varied styles, all of which are characterised by ‘the light touch’. Technical requirements for these two albums range from Grade 4 to Grade 8 ability.
Gordon Lewin


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