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Iguana Blue

Nigel Wood


Sheet Music

PDF E-Edition:





Bb Clarinet & Piano




From the composer: Iguana Blue was originally conceived as a song with Latin tendencies for voice and piano, following a trip to Tulum in Mexico. The name is a tribute to an eco hut, nestled directly on one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful beaches, where iguanas roam. A year following this trip, the song remained incomplete but a sax ensemble version emerged in a different musical direction. Yet more variations of the piece are in the pipeline, also leaning toward a different genre. Having been unable to settle on one definitive title, I decided to create a variant of the title for each arrangement created. So, the saxophone ensemble version is Iguana Rouge, and the original song, now completed with the voice being a single instrument, Iguana Blue. Others versions such as Iguana Verde will follow and so on. Iguanas come in different colours and even change their colour for a variety of reasons, so it seems apt to use this concept to name this particular collection of pieces.

The E-Edition PDF bundle comes with a Bb clarinet part, piano accompaniment and an MP3 piano play-along track.

“Iguana Blue” is also available in hard-copy from June Emerson Wind Music.


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