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Video of the Month

Jab Jab trio - members of Bournville Clarinet Choir

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Piece of the Month

Jolly Blue is an unaccompanied piece commissioned by Chris Jolly for tenor saxophone

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Photo of the Month

From the National Saxophone Choir archives

Welcome to my website: Nigel Wood Music

This section is, of course, my chance to tell you 'all about me'!  However, rather than focusing here on expansive biographical details or conventional accomplishments, perhaps of more relevance or interest is what you can expect to find on my website generally.   Having reached the stage of my life which might best be described as the period when the leaves have turned yellow, I have finally decided to consolidate my somewhat disparate musical endeavours here in one place. 

The main sections of my site comprise my works, audio, video, soprillo and projects.  These pages include over 200 of my compositions and arrangements, media with links to over 400 videos, and the soprillo (the smallest saxophone in the world). On the projects page, you will find a collection of my favourite performing and creative activities, both past and present. These include Bournville Clarinet Choir, Saxtet, Virtual Videos, Sax Family, National Saxophone Choir and even a section about my garden.

Be you a wind player looking for a specific concert piece; a teacher looking for some sheet music ideas; a budding young (or old) soprilloist with high aspirations; a nostalgic sax choir alumni or just a lover of music who has stumbled here by chance, I hope you will find something that you enjoy or catches your interest.


Stay tuned


"Musicians don’t retire; they stop when there’s no more music in them". - Louis Armstrong

If you are seeking a conventional biography please follow this link:

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