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Cries of the Stentor

Nigel Wood


Sheet Music

PDF E-Edition:





Bb Sax & Piano




Cries of the Stentor is dedicated to the memory of Anthony Raisbeck.
Composer's note:
The original version of this work was written for soprano sax and piano and premiered by saxophonist Gerard McChrystal and pianist Kathryn Page at the Purcell Room in1995. I chose the soprano as I am a soprano player myself and wanted to exploit its vivid upper register, vocal-like sonorities and its intrinsic virtuosity, although primarily as a vehicle for its expressive qualities rather than mere technical display. 'Stentor' (a loud-voiced herald in ancient times of war) appropriately depicts the great emotional turmoil I was experiencing at the time of writing this piece.
Edition Notes
Although the original version was written for the soprano, it can also be played on tenor.


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