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Iguana Rouge

Nigel Wood


Sheet Music

PDF E-Edition:





Sno/S S AA A/T TT B B/Bs




Iguana Rouge was originally conceived as a song with Latin tendencies for voice and piano, following a trip to Tulum in Mexico, although my working title then was Iguana Blue. The name is a tribute to an eco hut, nestled directly on one of the Caribbean's most beautiful beaches, where iguanas roam. A year later, the song remains incomplete but a sax ensemble version emerged though in a different musical direction. Yet more variations of the piece are in the pipeline, also leaning toward a different genre. Having been unable to settle on one definitive title, I decided to create a variant of the title for each arrangement created. So, the saxophone ensemble version is Iguana Rouge, the original song will remain as Iguana Blue, Iguana Verde will follow and so on. Iguanas come in different colours and even change their colour for a variety of reasons, so it seems apt to use this concept to name this particular collection of pieces.
The sax ensemble version is arranged for eight or nine players and has alternative parts for sopranino and bass, as well as an alternative tenor 3 part for alto 3.
Iguana Rouge is dedicated to Vincent Griffith.


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