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Partial Eclipse

Nigel Wood


Sheet Music

PDF E-Edition:





Solo EWI or S, S/A A/S A T/A T/A B/T B B/Bs/Cb




Partial Eclipse' by Nigel Wood was commissioned by Equinox - a unique combination of EWI (electronic wind instrument) and sax ensemble.
'Partial Eclipse' is also the title track on their CD and features Alistair Parnell on EWI.
If you don't happen to have an EWI, an alternative solo soprano sax part is available. A solo sopranino part is available on request.
The instrumentation is for EWI + 8 saxes:
standard parts: 
Solo EWI(S) S(A) A(S) A T(A) T(A) B(T) B B (bs or cb)
alternative parts:
Solo Sop, A S A A T Bs Cb


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