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Waltzing Soprillda

Philip R Buttall arr. Nigel Wood


Sheet Music

PDF E-Edition:








This witty and imaginative take on Australia's signature waltz was originally written for Nigel Wood and his soprillo. (It is one of the first pieces to be published for soprillo saxophone.
In it, the agile little piccolo sax (soprillo) revisits 'Matilda' in the styles of Ravel, Schubert, Beethoven, Sousa, swing and more, and she is (of course!) serenaded with didgeridoo fanfares.

Edition Notes
Although originally written for Soprillo & Piano, this arrangement was made for the full forces of the National Saxophone Choir of Great Britain (NSC) who performed it with Nigel as the soloist at the 2006 World Saxophone Congress in Slovenia. To find out more about the soprillo sax visit
There is also a Wind Band arrangement of Waltzing Soprillda (with the alternative title of Matilda Goes Walkabout!) available from Philip Buttall's PRB Music. The soprillo, Bb or Eb solo parts are compatible with this arrangement.


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