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Skye Boat Song

Trad. arr. Nigel Wood & Karen Street


Sheet Music

PDF E-Edition:





4-15 players, flexible parts




The song tells how Charles escaped in a small boat, with the aid of Flora MacDonald, disguised as a serving maid. The song is a traditional expression of Jacobitism and its story has also entered Scotland as a national legend.
A flexible arrangement for 4 -15 players.
Standard Parts 
Alto Sax 1 (or Soprano Sax 1) 
Alto Sax 2 (or Tenor Sax 2) 
Alto Sax 3 (or Tenor Sax 3) 
Tenor Sax 1 (or Baritone Sax 1)
Optional but Preferable 
Soprano Sax 1 (alternative to Alto Sax1 & optional) 
Soprano Sax 2 (optional) 
Tenor Sax 2 (alternative to Alto Sax 2 & optional) 
Tenor Sax 3 (alternative to Alto Sax 3 & optional) 
Baritone Sax 1 (alternative to Tenor Sax 1 & optional) 
Baritone Sax 2 (alternative to Bass Sax & optional)
Just Optional 
Sopranino Sax (optional) 
Alto Sax 4 (easy & optional) 
Alto Sax 5 (easy & optional) 
Bass Sax (alternative to Baritone Sax 2 & optional) Contrabass Sax (optional)


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